Dude Meets New Mom

Dude’s adventures keep getting better!

While I was getting Dude use to receiving milk from a bottle, a few pastures away a momma cow was having a baby.  God had other plans for this momma cow, her baby was stillborn.  Losing an animal on the farm is always a sad day, not only are you losing money but losing a life pretty much makes for a bad day.   This cow was missing her calf, so Farmer Tim (my brother in-law) and Mr. Farmer put their heads together and came up with a plan.

Farmer Tim came by the house to get Dude.  Little did Dude know at the time that his world was about to change, and so was my 4 year old daughters.  At the cattle lot, next to the pasture, they put the momma cow in the cattle chute.  The plan was to let Dude try to nurse from her outside the cattle chute to ensure his safety.  Cows tend to kick at other calves that try nurse from them, and after the quality time we have spent with Dude we wanted to make sure they would get a long.


As you can see, Dude took right up with nursing like a champ and the momma cow was handling this new baby just fine in the chute.  The next step was to leave them in a pen to get acquainted with one another.  This lets the Farmers and I keep a close watch over the new pair.  We want to make sure that Dude is getting the milk he needs and that the momma has adopted this calf as her own.

At this point I am having to explain to my 4 year old why she doesn’t have a calf to love on anymore.  Farm kids learn about life and death at an early age, it’s never easy.  Letting them know that Dude would rather have a mother that is a cow and not a person is better for Dude.  But with life on the farm there will always be another calf to love on!


Keep watching for more updates on Dude and hopefully his new mom!

The Farm Momma



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