The Country Christmas Connection 2016

The Country Christmas Connection is here!  I have been looking forward to this for sometime, before they even posted the sign ups for this Christmas swap.  My secret Santa was The Michigan Farm Girl and she is such an AMAZING gal!  We have a lot in common with our families and our love of cows.


I could not have gotten this box at a better time.  My father-in-law passed on December 15th and I saved opening this box for that moment I needed a big smile on my face.  This sure did it!




The Michigan Farm Girl and I both have 3 small kiddos and she completely understands my love and need of coffee and a sweet coffee mug.  Have you ever seen a coffee mug this gorgeous and blue is my favorite color!  I’m currently using it right now with hot chocolate, a couple of Dove chocolates and listening to my husband snore in the recliner.


She found this super yummy coffee and let me tell you it smells AMAZING!  I love it when my little one says, “mommy did you get special coffee from your friend?!”


Christmas has been so exciting this year with my 5, 3 and 2 year old.  The ornaments have been so much fun for them to put on the tree.  My 3 year old son saw this Christmas ornament and ran to put in on the tree.  When Mr. Farmer came home he says, “Daddy, this came from Mish-gan!”  ??


The Michigan Farm Girl also found this chocolate covered potato chips that I shamelessly hid from the rest of my family.  I have been rationing them out and they hit the spot!



#tccc16 has been so much fun!  I have loved getting to know my secret Santa and her dairy farm.  I am so glad I decided to participate especially when I definetly needed the surprise!  Thank you Michigan Farm Girl for the perfect Christmas gift this farm momma could ask for!  I see many early mornings with my coffee mug and late night hot chocolate.  Merry Christmas Michigan Farm Girl, you are an amazing farm mom and I am so glad we are friends!

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